Thursday, November 16, 2006

08 Paradiddle Three

Things have been a little mad here since I got the all clear from Blue Man Group... and I am sure they will get madder once I fly to Berlin on Saturday... so please be patient... I will be posting new episodes every chance I get, don't worry!

Anyway, this podcast features Paradiddle number three: RRLR LLRL

As usual I play it to the pre-programmed click track as eighths for beginners, sixteenths for intermediate drummers and thirty second notes for advanced drummers.

The recommended CD in this episode is a live album Sting put out quite a while ago called ‘Bring on the Night’ – click here to check it out on amazon… this album features a legendary drummer by the name of Omar Hakim… it is a true treasure chest for all of you out there who are bored with a standard approach to pop drumming… Omar definitely set a new standard with this performance!


At 4:36 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

You can use paradiddles within drum fills to create patterns
that would be awkward to play using only single strokes.
Experiment with playing paradiddles between different sound
surfaces (meaning different drums and cymbals) and you will
soon be dazzled by the number of drum fills you can come up
with based around this concept.

paradiddle book
paradiddle exercises


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